Testimonials – Summer Course

“The Krav Maga Summer camp at Lake Annecy totally exceeded my expectations. The location was beautiful, the weather was glorious, the food and wine tasty & plentiful but most importantly, the Krav Maga and the Kravists in attendance were world class. My skills, knowledge and fitness have greatly improved in a very short (intense) period of time. I also made some very good friends.
I will go back next year and I highly recommend the event.”
Jonny Asfaw

Annecy centre, France, the picturesque nearby town

“The accommodation in a resort on the shores of Lake Annecy was both organised and relaxed. Food was plentiful and excellent and the locale attractive. There were lots of things to do apart from training, including cycle hire at very reasonable rates (8 euros for a half day and 14 euros for a whole day). The beautiful medieval town of Annecy is only eight miles away on a dedicated and scenic cycle path.
I travelled out from London by Eurostar overnight, changing at Paris, taking about 12 hours. The return journey was from Lyon, two hours by train from Annecy, and went direct to London via Lille, taking about 11 hours in total. Annecy is 25 minutes by bus from the living accommodation near Duingt and the journey costs 1.50 euros.
Four hours training a day with one day off was of a very high standard. You could join any group from white/yellow up and change freely between them to find the one most suitable for you. As well as the group work by grades there were demonstrations by the chief instructor to all participants of overarching technical points . Training took place in a local gym which we went to by bus. One point to note is that the training was in French, as most of the participants and all the trainers spoke it. There was always someone around to translate or summarise. But if your French is good you will obviously be able to absorb much more of the teaching.
All in all an excellent experience of Krav Maga and a fantastic holiday in
itself. I will be going back next year!”
Chris Tagher

The resort grounds at sunrise

“A lovely setting with a beautiful freshwater lake within walking distance, a good size pool that I only used twice, swimming alone on one occasion & with a single other person on the other…hardly crowded; maybe I was just lucky or was the weather simply toooooooo hot 🙂
20 hours of Krav over 5 days (with a 1 day break in the middle) provided by some of the best Kravists in the world & all you can eat & drink (literally) when you’re not training. All this combined with a very relaxed & friendly atmosphere added up to a wonderful 6 days away…bring on next year!!”


The purest fresh-water lake in France, just 10 minutes’ walk from the resort

“Summer course was Interesting. To have such a group of passionate and friendly people together was a real treat. My motivation and determination to achieve such high levels as those seen and their humble and friendly attitude and how approachable they were was a real inspiration. We were looked after incredibly well, with all the high quality food we needed to fuel our work outs and just a little bit of wine! Complemented by the wonderful scenery and a dip in the Lake was magnificent. The city of Annecy was impressive with canals reminiscent of Venice or Amsterdam was incredibly beautiful. And to bond with our fellow students over the few days has cemented excellent partnerships between us and long term friendships. It really exceeded any expectations I had and now really feel part of the Krav Maga community after all having dinner together and sharing such a beautiful environment really brought everyone together and I can’t express my appreciation to my excellent tutor Frank enough, who was thorough and patient with ensuring everyone understood the techniques being taught with friendliness and humour. And the inspirational, kind and unassuming Steve Schmitt. and kind friends who helped to translate and those French who made a real effort to help me understand and feel welcomeinto their community. I feel incredibly privileged to have met such a lovely bunch of people whom I respect so much. It could not have gone any better!”
Paul Birmingham

Summer Course 2015