“I have been a member of FEKM for over 4 years and absolutely love it. Being female, I was nervous about joining such a male dominated sport but everyone has been so friendly and welcoming and I was taught to use my height (or lack thereof) to my advantage. The instructors are great and the movements are controlled to ensure a safe environment. I’m not particularly fit but the techniques are fast, simple and efficient so I can practice them in any situation, even now after taking time off to have a child, I feel still feel confident. It feels very empowering to know some good self defence techniques, so much so that I have now become a qualified instructor and have even taught in charities empowering other women.”

“It was just an instant connect for me. I loved it from the beginning. Krav Maga has a directness, simplicity and efficiency that really appeals to me. It’s an excellent choice for women in fact.”
-Vicky, qualified FEKM instructor and founder of Eitan Krav Maga where she now teaches.

“I liked the total immersion in Krav Maga techniques right from the outset. The instructor was excellent and struck the right balance in terms of encouragement and making the session challenging.”

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“I found it to be a good taster into what Krav Maga has to offer and it covered some useful basic moves which gave me a good insight into how effective this close combat art can be.”

“I liked that the course was at times fun as well as serious, and enjoyed feeling how effective the techniques were.
The most positive aspect for me was experiencing the generosity of the more experienced students as training partners.”

“since the very first day that i joined this club i have enjoyed every lesson that i have had. the instructors here are very knowledgable in krav maga and make it easy to understand and follow what is being taught. there are classes for all abilities from beginners to advanced, (as a newbie i was with the beginners), but it was not long before i got to learn the basics where my level of fitness started to improve and before i knew it, i had moved up to train with the advanced students in the advanced classes, lol. but what i really like about this club is the friendly atmosphere and warmth that is shared throughout the club. even the warm up and warm down exercises are designed to cater for all abilities so everyone gets to improve their overall level of fitness at their own pace, regardless of what your level of fitness happens to be when you come to a class. i would defo recommend this club if you wish to learn self defence, as ive learnt how to defend myself if need be, thanks to the instructors and the help of all the other students.”
-Mark Smith

“Great instruction – very clear and suitable for people with no prior experience.”

“Krav Maga is great fun, helps keep me fit and makes me feel much more confident overall. The club is very friendly, thug-free and its direct affiliation with the FEKM (European Federation of Krav Maga) means that it is a very professional club teaching the fundamental principles of Krav Maga. I train there three times a week and very much enjoy it!!”

“I have been training Krav maga with these guys for many years. The instructors are true professionals, offering the very best in “real world self defence”, all levels are catered for from absolute beginner to advanced kravist. What really stands out about this club compared to others (whom I won’t name) is that there are no ‘ego’s’. Everyone is very welcoming and other members aswell as the instructors work together to achieve their goals. There are regular specialist workshops aswell as social events, value wise it is also the cheapest club around. Oh and did I mention “FEKM” affiliated (so you know you are training with the best!).”
-James Downes

“The course was very good, in as much as the training was clear, easy to understand and gave a very good feel of what to expect from training in KM, and a little about it’s origins and philosophy. The trainer was very concerned with our safety at all times and made it clear what was expected of us. The techniques we were taught were breathtakingly simple yet effective.”

“Good atmosphere and we’ll structured class without being overly formal which I think reflects the high standard of instruction. Lots of good exercises and drills to develop fitness and self defence knowledge.”

“Extremely friendly and welcoming. Instructors are fun and practical. The induction is a great taster into the world of Krav, and for £50 a month you can go 4-5 days a week if you so desire. I think this is the club to watch a join in South London.”
-Jon Edwards

“A good induction to Krav Maga. Interesting to see how to progress through the grades with the accompanying handout.”

“I thought the course was very good indeed. It was pitched at the right level with the techniques taught being easy to pick up and develop. I felt it was a good introduction both to Krav Maga and to the club in general, very friendly people, a relaxed environment, which I found very conducive to learning.”

“Very good – can’t think of anything to improve on.”

“I liked relaxed and friendly atmosphere during course. Instructor was very helpful, which is important to me as I’ve never done martial arts before.”

“Attended the Beginners Induction here. Everyone was extremely friendly and the class was very enjoyable. If your interested in Krav Maga, I would definitely recommend checking it out.”
-Stephen Donnelly

“I really liked it. I was very welcomed for my first day. I suggest that they keep doing what they do. They need to change NOTHING!!!! This is a high level “dojo” for anybody who wants to learn K.M.”

“A very highly enjoyable club to go train at; highly experienced, and, professional teachers; with an almost family like atmosphere; where everyone takes care of everybody else. There are no crazy idiots here just wishing to go smash your face in! At the same time the training is very street smart, and,100% real! There’s no time wasted practicing doing mere forms on air; but, instead, the training is done using multiple different partners, and, all the time, practicing together ‘hands on’. They aren’t over expensive just £35 monthly for 3 ‘beginner’ lessons per week. When you have progressed beyond ‘beginner’ level; then, you could go there 6 times per week, instead. Otherwise, beginners go Mon evening/Wed evening/Sat mornings. At 51+ years old; so far I’m loving it; and, do hope to soon gain my ‘yellow belt’; which would allow me to go and train there even more regularly. Well recommended to everyone. ;-)”
-Paul Ramnora

“A very proffesional, friendly club, close to tulse hill B.R. station,Levels of teaching range from absolute beginner to experienced practitioner, Instructor is proffesional, patient and very experienced, 1st lesson is free and classes are very reasonably priced! I cannot recommend this club highly enough!”

“Five stars”
-Daniel Brol

“..an excellent mix of technique and exercise.”